My Dad’s book will soon be published. Here is some of the data.

In the writing phase I was able to read the manuscripts and was very compelled.

The way the world teaches science, and what is actual fact are completely different. To much of the world, “scientific theories” have become religion.

They look upon evolutionary science as a means to justify their sinful lives.

This book presents alternate theories that are more in harmony with scripture, and helps us see how faulty much of secular science really is.

New Disc Golf Website Launched….

After more than a month of hard work… (a lot longer than we had anticipated)… Kirk and I officially launched our online disc golf retail website. It took a really long time getting all of the product information and descriptions together, as well as the sort functionality.

Now that it’s done… This is a pretty sweet website, and provides the ultimate tools to help you find and buy the perfect golf disc.

Our site allows you to find and compare discs based on:

  • Disc Stability
  • Disc Flight Paths
  • Disc Speed Ratings - (We’ve given ALL discs ratings as used by Innova’s flight ratings)
  • Disc Glide Ratings
  • Disc Turn Ratings
  • Disc Fade Ratings
  • Rim Width (wing length)
  • Disc Type (Driver, Fairway Driver, Midrange, Putter)
  • Ratings as reviewed by actual disc golfers (Yes, we have hundreds of ratings and reviews by disc golfers of all skill levels from all over the country)

This search is better than anything on the internet, and it gives you the opportunity to narrow down and find the absolutely perfect disc.

Lets say you want a fast disc, with minimal turn, and healthy fade. You can do a search for Drivers, Thick Rim, Turn rating of -1, and it will sort and minimize the available options to show you only discs that match this criteria.

You can also search based on brand, and we carry discs from all the major manufactuers: Innova, Discraft, Discmania, Latitude 64, Millennium, Gateway, and DGA. We also have discs from some of the lesser known brands like Lightning, MVP, Skyquest, ABC, Westside, and Legacy Discs.

We’ve done our best to offer competitive pricing, quantity discounts, and the best overall disc golf buying experience. To help people become aware of our new website, we’re going to be giving away 50 custom stamped infinite discs. You can get these free discs by following Infinite on Facebook or Twitter, and by helping us get more reviews on our website. 

Here’s a look at these beautiful discs: